Apply for EILO's best project award 2017

Three categories, three jury awards and a public prize

Every two years EILO organises the EILO best interior landscaping project award.  This year we open the competition very early, because we organise the Award Ceremony at the World Green Infrastructure Congress (WGIC) in Berlin on June 20 this year.

We invite all long-term Interior landscaping installations with live plants to participate. This year’s focus is innovation in design and sustainability. The competition has three categories:

  1. Standalone
    This category is about Individual pot / plant combinations, small arrangements, ‘Green furnitures ’ etc.
  2. Plant walls
    They may differ in form and size, can be freestanding or integrated, as long as the project is about a plant wall.
  3. Interior Landscaping Projects
    Size is not the issue here. It is important though that applications in this category represent a complete interior landscaping project.

For each category there is a chance to win a Gold, Silver or Bronze EILO best project of 2017 award.

But, this is not all. Last time we experimented with a public prize. This year we improve on that. Apart from the Gold, Silver and Bronze Jury awards, the public can vote again for a public prize in each category.

You can apply with the form below. Your entry has to be in and paid for before May 28, 2017

The rules for application are

  • Open for all Interior Landscaping projects, also for companies that are not a member of EILO
  • Projects must be finalised between January 1st 2015 and December 31, 2016
  • The project has to be an 100% live plants, indoor and long term project.
  • Send in one project per application.
  • The entry fee is € 100,- per application for EILO members and € 150,- for non EILO members.
  • Send in at least 4 High resolution pictures per application, preferably through a Dropbox, Google Drive, Wetransfer or other Cloudsolution link.
  • Entries received without complete entry form may be invalid and canceled.
  • The judges will be unaware of the entrant’s name at the time of judging, so, do not identify yourself or your company name on the photos.
  • All entry material becomes the property of EILO.
  • EILO has the right to publish all entries in EILO publications and on the EILO web site and use them in promotional material for EILO and other publications promoting Interior Landscaping Industry.
  • Entries do not become valid until full payment of the entry fees is received.

Judging Criteria

The jury will look at the pictures and description and extra material (if present) and will give notes on the following aspects:

  • Scope, realisation, practicability, innovation and value for customer/end user
  • Visual impact, originality, overall design, unity, balance, creativity.
  • Construction: Quality, finish, special features, dealing with obstacles and the way problems were solved,
  • Balance of planting and hard landscaping.
  • Design, colour, texture, balance, concept of planting
  • Environmental aspects
  • Positive effects on the indoor environment.

Apply for EILO’s best project award 2017

About you and your firm

  • We ask you for a client contact person who we can call or mail for reference. The name of the client and contactperson will not be published on the website or poster.
  • Contact Person

  • Company Info


About the project


Images of the Project

  • PLease give us a link to a Dropbox, Google drive, Wetransfer or other Cloud drive with the best quality pictures of your project. If you encounter problems with that, please get in touch and we will help you. If you become a nominee, we will use the text and pictures to create a votingpage and an A1 poster of your project. When you give us the link to the pictures of your project you automatically give us the right to publish them.


  • Members of EILO pay € 100,- and non nembers pay € 150,-. Please don't forget, your entry will not be valid until after payment.