About EILO

by | Jul 13, 2009

About EILO

eiLO, the only European Interior Landscaping Organisation

The profession of interior landscaping differs widely from landscaping and maintenance of outdoor areas. Plants used indoors originate in the tropics or the desert and  thrive in a constant temperature of 21 degrees. They very often have to survive in bad daylight conditions or lack of humidity. Specific laws apply, specific skills, research and knowledge are needed and different customer related issues come up regarding maintenance.

standing strong together

In the national trade cooperations, indoor greenery is often a small or even non-existing segment. Built on the premise that skills and knowledge are best developed together and cooperation makes for stronger representation, EILO is organised at European scale. Together we are quite a big group. EILO started in 2013 as a cooperation of national trade associations of Interior Landscapers: Nordic Green (Sweden, Norway, Finland), U.N.E.P (France), and the VHG (The Netherlands). At present we have more than 150 members from 14 countries all over Europe. Every interior landscaping company can enter, but if you are already a member of one of the above mentioned trade organisations, you are automatically also an EILO member. 

Membership for suppliers and interior landscaping companies

EILO also has a membership option for suppliers. Our trade being quite specialised and small on a national level, an international platform can be of use to suppliers in reaching their/new customers. Our annual excursions offer a brilliant opportunity for both parties to meet in an uniquely relaxed ambiance.  Traditionally, the Thursday afternoon symposium of the excursion offers ample space for suppliers to present innovative products.


  • Membership for Interior Landscaping companies is € 300,- per year. Membership for Suppliers is €500,- per year. Please note that if your company is already a member of VHG (The Netherlands) U.N.E.P. (France) or Nordic Green (Norway, Sweden, Finland), you are automatically already an EILO member.

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