Copijn, Netherlands

Category: Stand Alone
Date of completion: 31/05/2016
Role of company: execution/construction, maintenance


Fluor is one of the world’s leading companies in engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance and project management. The realization of a brand new BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) building in Hoofddorp was combined with a wish to furnish it in a green manner. The interior planting was designed to contribute directly to a healthy, sustainable and representative working environment.
Copijn was chosen on the basis of the firm’s knowledge in the field of indoor planting, which provides ideal working environments. The most important part of our task here was to work with the client to formulate, within eighteen months, a planting plan based on the interior design which would be aesthetically appropriate and even distinctive, while conforming to the set goals. Our collaboration produced a well thought-out plan, which led to us happily receiving one of the best compliments we could expect from a client. “During project realization we had twenty-four parties moving around our building at the same time, and 23 of them had questions. Only one of the parties realized their part of the project outstandingly without any queries.”
Our smooth cooperation with the client produced a distinguished choice of indoor greenery. Besides its function as an entrance hall, the impressive atrium serves as a meeting room and relaxation area. We installed five trees (Bucidas) there. In view of the limited floor load, we opted for a smaller tree type. The tree crowns will become fuller over time. There is also a variety of planted pots and a swirl covered with climbing plants. And the restaurant has a ‘railway compartment’ decorated with plants. Additionally, we installed plant containers in various relaxation areas on different floors. The patio is furnished with a number of grand, stylish containers with both plants and trees, and the work areas on four floors have green installations filling 180 metres of planters.


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