Plants Extra Large 5, a large book full of great inspiration

Plants Extra Large 5, a large book full of great inspiration

Within the world of interior landscaping, Sander Kroll is well known for his Plants XL series of books that are very large and filled to the brim with grand and inspiring green projects. The first one appeared in 1999.

Sander: “When you install greenery into buildings, make sure you do it in a grand manner! Only then will it bring true added value”. Edition number 5 is larger than ever before – 30x34 cm – , and this time the inspiration was mostly taken from non-European countries.  Especially in South Asia, with both quality of urban air and of urban life being hot topics, landscaping is a rapidly developing field. “We have to be very careful not to fall behind”.

Humans are predisposed to live with nature.  But nowadays we live our lives predominantly indoors and in concrete and rectangular buildings and cities.  Science as well as practical experience have proven time and again that by bringing nature inside and making buildings greener we can add value both in terms of well-being and hard cash.

With this book Kroll wants to challenge interior landscapers and architects to step up their game and go big. Literally. Because that is what our cities need.

This book is jam-packed with green inspiration of all kinds, be it enormous or small. With 204 pages of examples of interior gardens, large trees, green walls, lovely jungles and sleek designs and almost all of them credited, it is like a hairdressers portfolio: I’ll have that one please! I

The book offers a wealth of information for architects, interior landscapers, project developers, facility managers and all other professionals who want to be inspired to make their buildings greener, more natural and more sustainable.

Plants XL 5 will be published next autumn in English, French and German. The retail price is €47,50.

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EILO has decided to sponsor a number of books and make them available for members at the very attractive price of just € 12,50 (ex VAT and postage). This special edition with an EILO preface explaining the importance of the interior landscapers’ expertise in design, construction and management of XL green spaces, will make a fabulous promotional gift. So be sure to order more than one! Just send a mail to and tell us the amount of books you want and where to send them to. We will get in touch with you soon.