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Situated in one of London’s busiest areas, this WELL Platinum building is one of the capital’s newest and healthiest spaces, creating a sanctuary away from the bustle of its surroundings. With a focus on creating spaces that not only encourage users to meet and collaborate, but also to take the time to relax and recharge, 100 Liverpool Street is comprised of co-working and café spaces alongside private offices.

To allow the space to provide the intended atmosphere to users, planting and greenery were an integral part of the design from the get-go. With a clear vision that plants should feel part of the fabric of the building, they have been integrated into many fixed elements such as bespoke furniture and architectural pieces, making them a key component in the makeup of the building.

The planting scheme was carefully selected to ensure a green impact on the space from day one, with a thoughtful mixture of sizes, textures, and shapes to create both an architectural and natural feel. Working with long-time trusted suppliers in the Netherlands gave us the guarantee that all plants chosen had been expertly cared for, setting them up to continue to thrive and look great once in London and in our care.

A stand-out plant within the project is the Large Ficus nitida, which was specially selected for its small root ball of 65cm in diameter and its wide spreading canopy of approximately 3 meters. This choice allowed us to create a huge impact, whilst considering the needs of the space.

As with all of our projects, sustainability was a huge consideration for 100 Liverpool Street. We work to minimise our impact wherever possible, whether that’s by fine tuning our installation schedule to reduce deliveries, or recycling and composting as much material as possible. Across all the planting in this project we used Vulkaponic substrate, which is proven to be a more sustainable alternative to peat-based soil or LECA. The use of Vulkaponic also allows us more effective control over the plants’ water consumption, ensuring that they remain healthy and happy between maintenance visits and reduces any potential waste of unhealthy plants.

Even after installation, our expert team of horticulturists assigned to 100 Liverpool Street are consistently working towards being more eco-friendly by storing maintenance equipment on site and travelling only by foot or public transport, endeavouring to physically remove pests before resorting to the use of pesticides, and using only organically based pesticides when absolutely necessary.

Over 2 years on from completion and 100 Liverpool Street is thriving and has certainly met its goal of providing a space away from the stress of the city to collaborate and restore, with its co-working spaces even being a Plant Designs team favourite.

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