Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

On this site we sell tickets and registrations. For that purpose these terms and conditions apply.

When you buy a ticket or a registration at EILO, you only develop a right after payment. From that moment you have right to a 100% reimbursement untill two weeks before the event or the entry submission will close.

In the final two week period before the event you cannot be reimbursed, but you are allowed to send someone else in your place. The reason for this restriction is simple: we have to finalize all our costs two weeks in advance, .

The procedure before the last two weeks

So, if you unfortunately cannot participate and you discover that before this final two weeks period has started, send a mail to info@eilo.eu Give us your name, the order date and, very important your Bank account number and include anything we need to know to be able to return your payment or payments.

The procedure during the last two weeks

If you, even more unfortunately, cannot participate and you discover that in the last two weeks before starting the event or award closing date, do not forget to mention it to us. If you know someone else to take your place, we would love to receive from that person: first name, last name, email and phone number. Also mention it if you do not have found a replacement, we might know someone who wants to take your place.

If interest is too low

If the interest in the event or course appears to be too low, we, on our side, also have the right to annull up untill two weeks before the start of the event, excursion or course. Of course all payments will be reimbursed.

We hope to offer you clear arrangements in this way. We want to organise inspiring events. We love to hear about your experiences.

Read our Privacy Statement if you want to know how EILO handles your personal data.

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