the EILO/NILA education tool will launch in september 2021

In April EILO and NILO launched three webinars, one in French, one in German and one in English to inform the EILO members about the online service staff education tool. The reaction of the members was positive. Members are searching for this functionality and are happy EILO picks up the glove. Apart from the Nordic countries also a French and English version will go live in September of this year. Read more about it in our report of the webinars, where you also can review all three webinars.

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EILO will be present at this year’s Paysalia

EILO will be present at the first big expo after Covid. The Paysalia will be from November 30 till December 2. We will host a conference and will choose the winner of the 2020-2021 Best EILO’s Project Award


Be prepared: the EILO’s best project award 2020-2021 will open soon

If the world is opening up in September/October people will be first and foremost busy with getting work done. So, we decided to bring our EILO excursion to next year. The Award will be open soon. The winner will be chosen during this year’s Paysalia.


EILO's activities are wonderful learning opportunities

Indoor greenery is here to stay

Indoor greenery has never been more fashionable. This is wonderful, but this succes also has its issues. How to keep up for example, and find enough qualified people? Or, how to deal with issues regarding the environment, or the sheer amount of fake green that is entering the indoor space?

How nice is it to exchange experience with collegues and suppliers from all over Europe. To discover that you certainly are not alone. How are others dealing with pest control? How do they solve the issue of finding personell? And, what are the new trends, in styling or in tools, green wall techniques or maintenance control? Every excursion starts with a symposium tailor made for you, about your trade only. Where else can you find that?

The excursion to green Paris in October 2019!

This year our annual EILO excursion took us to Paris, France. We shared knowledge with colleagues and were inspired by a number of lectures and visits to beautiful and innovative interior landscaping projects.


EILO’s Best Project Award 2019

Every two years EILO organises the EILO Best Projects Award.  There were 30 submissions, from 11 countries and 9 awards to win in 4 categories. The jury had a hard time. Take a look at all the entries and the winners.

Be part of your customer base

Interior landscaping is in fact quite a rare profession. And this makes it difficult for suppliers to actually meet new and existing customers. EILO offers an unique relaxed ambiance and opportunity for interior landscapers and suppliers to meet each other and exchange knowledge, trends, new tools, etc etc.

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