EILO, the European Interior Landscaping Organisation is looking for one or two enthousiastic new board members.

 EILO is an active cooperation of interior landscaping companies and their suppliers from all over Europe. Our aim is to promote and publicise about the merits of interior landscaping and to exchange knowledge, expertise and inspiration with and amongst our members. We were founded in 2010 by four national trade organisations; NILA (Sweden, Norway, Finland), U.N.E.P (France), Element Green (German speaking countries) and the VHG (The Netherlands).

EILO’s current main activities are the organisation of an annual symposium and excursion in one of our member cities and the bi-annual organisation of the EILO Best Project Award. We organise these activities as a volunteer board, supported by a small freelance staff.

 The core of our board has always consisted of members from the four mentioned organisations. But, these are now accompanied by more and more members from all over Europe! Currently we have around 180 members from 16 countries and we are growing because there is – we think – a growing need for cooperation and exchange of knowledge within this complex, interesting and economically flourishing branch.

 This growing need for the exchange of knowledge and the growth in EILO membership in Eastern Europe and the British Isles, call for diversifying and expanding our board.

 What is the task of a board member?

 Each board member:

  • prepares and regularly attends the usual bi-monthly board meetings, and the reviewing and commenting on minutes and reports;
  • commits to actively participate in organising EILO’s core activities, which includes providing thoughtful input on strategic direction, goal setting, and annual evaluation and planning efforts;
  • builds a collegial working relationship with fellow board members, contributing to consensus within the board;
  • provides mentorship and guidance to the freelance staff on strategic development of the organisation;
  • ensures that EILO complies with its bylaws and articles of incorporation, and Dutch rules and other relevant legislation;
  • participates in interesting new members and suppliers for the organisation;

What is your profile?

To complement the current board, the new board member should at least: 

  • be active in a senior position in an interior landscaping company that is member of EILO, preferably in one of the European countries not yet represented by a national trade organisation
  • have time, vision and energy to contribute to the ongoing quality of our current activities and to help grow our activities with regard to the exchange of knowledge and supporting our members
  • be able to judge our legislative and financial documents
  • be knowledgeable in the trade of interior landscaping
  • have an extended network in the interior landscaping community in their country/region.

 How to Apply

Please prepare a brief email that explains your interest and attach your CV and send it to info@eilo.eu before 31st January 2023, and mention application EILO board

Alberthe Papma will collect applications and forward these to the current board who will determine member selection. We expect conversations to take place with the selection committee around mid-February 2023. These will be conducted through zoom.

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