Every two years EILO – the European Interior Landscaping Organisation – organises its Best Project Competition. EILO’s aim is to connect professional interior landscapers to share knowledge, expertise and inspiration and with this competition it wants to generate attention for interior landscaping with the general public by celebrating the creativity, innovative potential and craftsmanship of the interior landscaping sector.

52 indoor greenery projects from 15 countries show that the future is green

 Despite the past few years having been hard for the interior landscaping sector due to COVID-19, the EILO Best Projects 2021 edition received the highest number of eligible entries ever;  52 projects all aimed at enhancing human wellbeing by bringing nature closer to people. This year we were very pleased to welcome projects from Australia, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Italy, Lithuania, Monaco, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and the US.

All nominees were judged by an independent international jury. Projects ranged from free-standing greenery to large green walls and urban indoor parks and jungles. The members of the jury were impressed by the outstanding quality of all nominated projects and by the nominees’ attention to sustainability as intrinsic motivation for their work in indoor greenery.

We are proud to announce the winners of 2021.

Category artificial green

In this category we received 10 entries

Winner of the Gold Leaf  is GreenMood, Belgium with their Transformed Swimming Pool. Under a huge glass roof, in what used to be a castle’s swimming pool, a gastronomic restaurant was installed in a green bubble. The greenery transformed the space into a very inspiring place to visit.

Silver Leaf : Mekelenkamp I Plantenman, The Netherlands with Quartier Bleu Hasselt. The jury thought this to be a most interesting design for a car park.

Bronze Leaf : Ambiance Florale Paris, France with Ylium. A well thought-out design with an interesting use of high and low grasses.

Category stand-alone

In this category we received 8 entries

Pflanzen Forum Germany was awarded the Gold Leaf for their project Room of the Tree – Lindley Lindenberg. The idea was to create a “tree” that consists on different levels with plants and viewed as a unit that represents a tree. A clear winner on a number of aspects: greenery, architecture, the integration of watering systems.

Silver Leaf: Blumen Sumser, Germany with Spiral Hanging Gardens.  Impressive free-hanging installations, with an original symbolism of the dragon as bringer of good luck to visitors.

Bronze Leaf: Copijn, the Netherlands with WonderBranch. This ‘floating’ green showpiece is a well thought-out, complete product, in an aesthetically pleasing modern white casing.

Category vertical green

In this category the jury had to choose from 9 entries.

Koninklijke Ginkel Groep, the Netherlands was awarded the Gold Leaf for their gigantic green wall in the European Medicine Agency in Amsterdam. Truly impressive, inspiring and beautifully designed.

Silver Leaf: Donker Interieur, the Netherlands with their Plantwall Dome AFAS Theatre. A spectacular sight using great techniques for this challenging space.

Bronze Leaf: Halbe Green Walls, the Netherlands with Vertical garden at the IVM meeting room. An abundant, lush green wall, bringing nature up close in a relatively small office space.

Category green interior

This category received a record number of 25 project, giving the jury a hard time to choose.

The Gold Leaf was awarded to Koninklijke Ginkel Groep & MOSS, the Netherlands for  Central Park –  a sky high indoor park. The jury was very impressed by the design and greenery of this beautiful indoor park, even containing a little river, that provides space and opportunity for people to connect.

Silver Leaf: Donker Interieur, the Netherlands with FloriWorld Aalsmeer. A great example of how plants can put up a show and function in relatively dark spaces.

Bronze Leaf: Plant Designs, UK with Société Général London Offices. An interesting use of greenery bringing nature closer to people in an otherwise clean and modern indoor space.

public award

The Public Award always goes to the project(s) gaining most social media fans in the month before the award ceremony and this year this much coveted prize was won by GreenMood  Belgium with Transformed Swimming Pool. 

Second: Urban Planters UK with The Spine.

Third: Les Jardins de Gally, France with Pernod Ricard Marseille

indoor greenery is more important than ever

 There is growing scientifical and empirical proof that green surroundings are beneficial for human health and wellbeing. However, global massive biodiversity loss, urbanisation and, for many people, a life spent mostly indoors, lead to a disconnect between people and nature and a decline in human wellbeing and health. If anything, the past years living confined with COVID have shown that people crave nature, in their neighbourhoods, gardens and living rooms, to help retain their mental health. Secondly we now know it is of the utmost importance to invest in healthy homes and offices with good indoor air quality. Greening our homes, offices, retail centres and public spaces will highly contribute to a healthy environment.


interior landscaping; a small sector with a bright future

Plants are essential in a healthy society and the interior landscaping sector will deliver. Whether with tropical plants, massive green walls, indoor trees, desk plants, green room dividers, aromatic and kitchen garden crops for corporate restaurants, greenery with high-tech and energy-efficient lighting & irrigation systems, interior landscapers bring specific innovative skills and creativity to help create and maintain a healthy environment for all people to enjoy. Let’s go green post-pandemic!


Many thanks to our jury and all participants. Congratulations to all winners! Read more about all nominees of EILO’s Best Project Awards 2021 here.


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