A huge congratulations to EILO Board member Anne Cabrol for having been chosen Master Gardener at Paysalia 2017 with her entry ‘Les Gens Heureux’, a garden that invites visitors to restore their balance and personal well-being.

Open to all professional landscaping entrepreneurs, the Paysalia “Carré des Jardiniers” contest is held every two years. The theme for 2017 was “The good care of Doctor Garden”: the nature is generous, feeder, constant, beautiful and rich. Inescapable enjoyments of cities and private houses, parks and garden are also appreciated for their benefactions on the health. Plants, vegetables, flowers, earth, stones, fruits, are so many small treatments which act separately or together for the well-being and the health of people: gardens do good as soon as we take time to look at them, to listen to them, to feel them, to affect them and to enjoy them. A common objective: offer good care to the garden.

Anne Cabrol’s ‘Happy People Garden’ has several spaces dedicated to feelings: a cocooning approach, a feeling of peace and getting back to nature. The whole imagined around angular graphics resembling the molecule oxytocin – the hormone generating pleasure and wellbeing. Through the garden, visitors are invited to restore their balance and the key to their personal wellbeing.


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