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In downtown Milan in Piazza Gae Aulenti, new pioneering office district always in a hurry, an unusual place where haste remains outside the door and you can feel at home. \”Pandenus, Bread, Love and More” Cafè and Restaurant conquers people of passage, old acquaintances, inhabitants of the neighborhood and tourists, all different in terms of time and lifestyle, all looking for a corner of refined peace where beauty, to see or taste or enjoy, distracts them from smog and the frenzy of the metropolis. Thanks to the indoor plants, an integral part of the interior design project, that requires not to steal space for tables and clients: one hundred and ninety plants that integrate with the bookcases that run along the whole room or that fall from above in the most open spaces. It’s a natural and discreet, healthy and elegant presence of Mother Nature. All the plants are in hydroculture and are treated by specialized technicians using natural products, no pesticides or chemical fertilizers; plants have been selected to meet the need to detoxify a cooking environment and to provide relax and comfort for the customers.

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