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Varso Place is a complex of buildings in the heart of Warsaw. Varso Tower is the highest skyscraper in the European Union so the architects from Foster and Partners designed it as an iconic and very sustainable building.
The investor wanted to create a green island in the city with a pocket park around the building, the gardens on terraces and a green interior with Bucidas forest in a lobby.
The main goal was to bring nature back to the city center and to let people rest and work surrendered by fresh air, trees and in a sustainable environment. In the lobby there are 12 Bucida buceras trees, 10 of them planted together in the lobby and 2 trees planted near the main entrance. Those 2 were about 12 meters high while planted.
There is a public area in the building which is a coworking place, surrounded by cafes, restaurants and shops. We decided to create a small jungle under a glass roof and choose big plants with big, shiny leaves and a lot of plants in each planter. Strelitzia nicolai, Philodendron xanadu, Philodendron Imperium Green, Schefflera amate and Epipremnum Marble Queen will make every place looking impressive.
To make the hall complete a green wall was installed near the planters. The variety of shapes, shades of green and the blooming Anthurium make this place so unique. The chosen plants were supposed to give a natural look of tropical place: Anthurium White Flamingo, Epipremnum Marble Queen, Chlorophytum Comosum, Monstera Obliqua, Philodendron Birkin, Philodendron scandens \’Brasil\’… The set of them looks very attractive on the green wall.
The jungle was not complete yet. There is a planter with Tetrastigmas on the steel ropes to present the wonders of nature. We looked after each detail, even the roof of a technical cabinet was covered with greenery: we used certified ball moss to finish the furniture where the living plants could not be implemented.
The green interior is connected with the pocket park outside the building. No matter which exit you take you are in a green place. We wanted to achieve the connection between the jungle and nature in the middle of the city and we hope we did. You can sit and rest in the shadow of the big trees both inside and outside.
There were nearly 100 big trees planted around the building and on the terraces, hundreds of shrubs and thousands of perennials and grasses. Over 13 meters-high Carpinus betulus, Crataegus monogyna multistem form, Platanus acerifolia, Pinus mugo, Hydrangea and grasses give the impression of an old forest. We bought time …about 20 years of growth.
We helped nature defeat concrete, and helped people build a piece of a liveable city. Where once an inhuman concrete desert loomed, now huge trees grow. As if they have always been there. Surrounded by carefully selected, smaller and larger plants. Giving shelter, shade and oxygen to passers-by and residents thirsty for some nature, as well as to birds and insects.

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