Clean air should be a human right. That is the essence of the corporate mission of the Finnish Naturvention in a nutshell. To fulfil that human right, the company has not only devised a revolutionary green wall that actively purifies indoor air – using their own operating system, Naava OS – it also markets the wall not as a product but as a 100% service, as a high-tech human right.

Naava lives at a fast pace

Naturvention’s innovative product is called Naava and is available in various sizes, types and capacities. The basic form is a 80×200 cm wall in which plants are planted without soil in such a way that a computer controlled ventilation system provides optimal air circulation around the plant roots. This is done on purpose because Naturvention states that it are the root microbes which are the key for natural air purification, not the leaves as one would think. The plants in the wall are consequently very active and purify the air extremely quickly. The Naava operating system monitors the amounts of light and water and the quality of the air continuously. A Naava wall uses between 5 and 12 litres of water a day and doing so optimizes air humidity quite well. The water is automatically pumped up from a tank at the base of the wall. By no means all plants are suitable for planting in this wall as some would then grow so rapidly that they would be impossible to maintain.

A service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

We spoke to one of the founders, microbiologist and ICT specialist Niko Järvinen, and he explained that Naturvention does not actually market Naava as a product but as a service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Artificial intelligence plays a major part in delivering this promise. Naava is not a green wall, it´s not a thing, it’s a guarantee for clean air. Once sold, both the owner and Naturvention have access to a dashboard for the wall, an app that monitors the wall continuously and transmits a signal if anything is not as it should be. This enables Naturvention to offer a 100% quality guarantee. He also explained that 30% of Naava customers are from the education sector. This surprised us as the product isn’t cheap. Niko agreed, but added that they install the wall in a classroom for a free 14-day trial, and it is only after this trial period that they submit their offer. By which time most schools do not want to part with their wall. Also, if one considers that one Naava wall equals the purification power of 4000 houseplants, the price doesn’t seem expensive anymore.

How do you build a green business?

The company was founded in 2011 by three entrepreneurs, none of whom has a traditional green sector background. Number one has extensive experience in setting up businesses and teams, number two is an expert in ICT and microbiology and number three has very wide experience in sales. The company has since grown by at least 100% a year, now has a workforce of 40 and is currently rolling out both the business and its products internationally. All three founders are passionate about health and clean air, and all three are convinced that, above all, we should be building healthy businesses with meaningful aspirations and viable, significant, scalable products, a key element of which is fantastic service.

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