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The Corendon Village Hotel Amsterdam is a truly unique hospitality concept. Open since 2018, the modern 4-star hotel with three hotel wings, Plaza, Apartments and Urban is the largest in the Benelux. The hotel features a wide variety of business and leisure facilities: an extensive selection of restaurants & bars, wellness facilities including a fitness area and swimming pool, and a number of fully equipped meeting rooms

All buildings are surrounded with a green garden outside and a lot of attention has been paid to a distinctive stylish interior with a green experience. This has been implemented in collaboration with Martijn de Goede – Design Director – Corendon Hotels & Resorts and Natascha Griffioen Project Manager Hotel & Resort. The process took about 1/2 year, starting with brainstorming on the design, to supplier visits, implementation and maintenance.

It concerns: Plant groups for public spaces, artificial plants and hanging greenery generously applied in steel racks in the All Inclusive-, A La Carte Restaurant and Village Bar. Green wall of approximately 30 m2 of artificial plants in Village Sports Bar & Lounge. Planting consists of Green Ivy, Staghorn fern, Boston fern, Asplenium, Spathiphyllum, Craper Ivy, Springeri Hanging Bush, Longhair Bush gr, Pilea bush, Spit philo Giant garland

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