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Interior Architect Robin Chhabra designed Dextrus Coworking office space of 2000 Sqmt in the heart of Mumbai’s financial district. Which had only one theme while designing this space “bring nature indoors”.

As individual spaces and cabins were to be leased to customers, the office had to be designed in the most attractive manner to attract potential customers. This was achieved by introducing live indoor plants all throughout the office.

Our company worked with the architect to design the green furniture to incorporate hydroculture plants that would serve as a barrier from other coworkers keeping in mind the current COVID situation. The light available was recorded using a PAR meter for a period of 4 days at different locations in the office. Accordingly, the right plant species were selected and installed at site. The main focal specimen tree of Ficus Benjamina of 8-foot height was grown for 1 year before being shifted to site.

The architect himself bought the external freestanding planters. These were in all shapes, sizes, finishes and materials – Ceramic, Plastic, Fiberglass and Stone. Our company did the installation of plants in these planters.

The project was completed in a record time during difficult Covid Lockdown protocols in place; which was challenging. After installation, the facility management staff was given a 1-week training to take care of these hydroculture plants. After the completion of the project, the client was able to sell all his workstations. The feedback given was that this was only possible as the office looked like a tropical oasis.

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