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How do you combine vertical greening with the demands of interior design?

The project at the Hilton Hotel Munich Airport shows a successful implementation. While the interior design of the restaurant was kept in hygge style, with elegant natural tones, the selected plants (Philodendron scandens, Philodendron bipinnatifidum ‘Atom’ and Nephrolepis exaltata) show the diversity in their variety of leaves, but support each other excellently and form in composition a great mural, which reflects the cosiness and the atmosphere of the room.

It is an independent greenery, which is perfectly integrated through the use of seating and the canopy. The plant lighting puts the object well in position. The built in EFIX-i system from Wallflore measures 7.2 m² (H = 3.58 m x W = 1.95 m). With the help of an automatic irrigation pump and integrated fertilizer unit, the vertical greening is served completely independently. Thanks to an integrated WLAN module, the watering can be double checked and modified from anywhere via the app. Plant maintenance and system check takes place once a month.


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