Vertical Plants System, Sweden

Category: Interior Landscaping
Date of completion: 15/05/2017
Role of company: execution/construction, maintenance


A Design Hotel concept with plants all over the place!
Big plants, small plants, hanging plants, plants everywhere we even grow vegetable’s for their kitchen in a specially designed growing system!
The interior design is made by the Berlin based Studio Aisslinger !
We helped them to full fill there ides about the plant design.
We do maintenance at least once a week which is required for the small pots.
For the growing system we pregrow all the vegetable plants so we can replace the plants when they harvest them. It’s a mix of herbs, salads, pakchoi for the restaurant and mint for the mojitos in the bar.
Biological pest control is of course the only option here.
The total volume of plant/pot is around 150 pcs right now (the growing system excluded) but will increase with many more within a short period of time.


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