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IIn Marseille was born a famous liquor: Ricard. More than an alcohol, this is part of the way of living in the South of France. In July 2020, Pernod and Ricard brands merged to form Pernod Ricard France and moved to new headquarters based in Les Docks, Marseille, where it all started. There, the founder Paul Ricard indeed imported star anise and elaborated a new recipe, in the 1920’s, “Ricard, the real pastis of Marseille”. The group has strong sustainable development engagements, aiming to provide ingredients based on “100% responsible agriculture in 2030” and targeting carbon neutrality. During the IUCN (the nature conservancy international organization) summit in Marseille, in September 2021, the company held a Club, dedicated to biodiversity. Concerning human, the brand claims a “responsible conviviality”, part of the group signature “Créateurs de convivialité”.
The new headquarters project, conducted by the interior design and architecture office Archimage, had to deal with these issues. The group gave the theme of “Vibration” to the design team, so as to make this iconic place of Marseille, Les Docks, a building made of bricks, metal and skylights, where an intense industrial and harbour activity took place, to live and vibrate again. Thus, original materials where preserved and bright colours and warm materials such as wood part of the new design. But the green part of the project, indispensable, according to Pernod Ricard, to link the 700 employees with nature, which provides essential ingredients, was not up to the task. In a very short term, after long months projecting a more “classic” project with one of our competitors, the workplace team of Pernod Ricard France asked Gally’s Marseille team to design a new project. This was done, with Le Bureau d’Etudes de Gally, the Gally’s design office, within only 4 days! Most of the rooms welcome pot plants, all natural, in metal or natural materials. Some of the desks welcome plants at their center. And in the heart of the building, under a skylight, several interior gardens take place in the most convivial place called “La distillerie”, with warm materials. All of them are liked suspended on a ground made up with metal grids. Weight was thus a big concern. Light conditions and hydroponics enable to cultivate plants such as Kentia, Strelitzia, Philodendron and climbing plants, so as to enhance the large height of this place. The team had to deal with a very short term installation, and adapt the plants range due to the lack of some varieties in quick delivery, due to the pandemics.

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