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As a first for India, approximately 10,000 Nos Indoor Hydroculture plants of sizes 15/19 cm were installed at one of India’s largest conglomerate’s corporate head office. EPDM membranes were used to waterproof the in situ green furniture, which were made of imported MDF boards. Professional Water Indicators and Hydroculture grow pots were specially imported from Germany.
The installed plants not only created a natural screen in between working spaces but also doubled up as a sound barrier. In the cafeteria, which was naturally lighted, plants with coloured foliage were used to give a vibrant look.
Apart from the above, 950 nos standalone, floor and desk plants with external fiberglass planters were carefully placed in consultation with interior architects at various locations all throughout the building.
Plants were specially grown hydroponically at our nursery mimicking the conditions at site (low sun light) for 6 months before being installed at the required location.
The interior architect insisted that 1/3rd of the plants used should be flowering, mixed with plants having coloured foliage. This was done to match the surrounding interiors keeping in mind the company brand colours. The balance 2/3rd plants were thick, green, lush foliage giving a dense tropical look. Thus, truly breathing life into this 16 storey office building.
The above project will be maintained by our company for 3 years. With 100% plant guarantee assurance to the client.

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