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InVivo, one of the European leader in agriculture, a cooperative company gathering more than 5000 employees, moved the main part of its headquarters from Paris to La Défense, in 2017. Then, we applied with our first collaboration to the EILO Awards: edible rest areas, inside the Tour Carpe Diem. But the Parisian former address of the company was both a place which people loved and a useful tool for attractiveness, both for clients and employer brand. So, the company decided to transform the 3 last levels of its historical address, 83 Avenue de la Grande Armée, into a showroom of the ambition of the group: “2030 by InVivo”.

Winning an open competition in 2019, involving most of the start-ups and companies of urban agriculture, Les Jardins de Gally and its design office, Le Bureau d\’Etudes de Gally, designed a complete mini-farm, from vine and wheat outside to an incredibly rich and diversified greenhouse inside, on the rooftop of the building. Outside, small fields of cereals such as wheat and corn, but also vine grapes, salads and tomatoes are cultivated and harvested, with the help of friend plants such as roses. This place offers great views of the roofs of Paris, like the Eiffel tower. Inside, the building ends with a new green house, designed with our agronomy and urban agriculture team, hand in hand with the maintenance team, so as to gather all the characteristics of a productive place. Several technics, such as hydroponics, aeroponics, pot plants, productive living walls are used to produce a large range of fruits, vegetables and herbs in the minimum of surface. All of these installations were made by Gally, with the help of specialists such as extra LED light companies, on-measure. The biggest challenge was not only installation, but maintenance. This farm was designed so that it can last long through the times. Virginie, our gardener, comes once a day to feed, cut, protect and harvest this incredible edible garden. All the production is given to the chief, who cooks them daily for business meetings of the general management, including Sebastien Graff, the head of Human resources, for who this place is “the best attractiveness argument for executives we have, because it makes sense . We are an agricultural cooperative. Working in our company means being connected to the reality of agriculture.

This place is a demonstration of present and also of the future of agriculture ”. All the crops are protected organically, thanks to biocontrol. One of the branches of InVivo, Bioline, provides insects used for the protection. Virginie multiplies plants by herself, thanks to a special zone called the nursery. And to finish with, flowers are cut and bouquets are made, to add some poetry on the tables of this marvelous place!

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