Europe in full swing

After the elections for the European Parliament in May and the formation of a new European Commission, Europe is in full swing again. During the elections the interior landscape branch could count on the interest of EP-member Dennis de Jong who was eager to know what he could do for our branch in order to create new market chances and to break down European limitations. Specifically for our branch he stood open for commitment on the realisation of a standard for interior greenery in buildings He advised to get in touch with other stakeholders in order to create support for this idea. This lobby will be worked out in the coming period. Besides this the European Commission is working on a new program which is called ‘Nature Based Solutions in Renaturing the Cities’. In the next five years there will be a considerable budget available for showcase development and supporting scientific research. This offers also opportunities for the interior landscaping branch. Egbert Roozen, who is also performing the political lobby for EILO, is one of the experts in the preparation of this EU-program. If you might have any suggestions for possible showcases with this context, you can get in touch with him by email Also for more information about EILO-initiatives in Europe, you can contact him.

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