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Fake Bougainvillea tree in loft.

Client wanted a 3,50m. high Bougainvillea tree with a 40/50cm. diameter natural trunk, from which about 100ml.of blooming vines had to cover around 90m2 of his living-room handpainted bleu-sky and cloudy ceiling. 

1000 dimmable led-lights had to be incorporated in the tree and vines.

Tree was made with 4 ready made Bougainvillea trees with natural twisted trunks, assembled together adding some wood to make the trunk look like one sole piece. 

For the making of the blooming vines we needed to assemble 4 different items: natural looking sturdy vines, foliage sprays, blooming branches and the led lights. 

This was all done in-house from scratch, following a detailed plan on scale from the interior designer. A real challenge as well as for the installation. 

A fabulous end-result, highly appreciated by a happy client. More to come.

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