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 A former car garage has been transformed into a green oasis in the heart of Amsterdam city centre. A place where previously high levels of CO2 were emitted, has become a place where such exhaust fumes are now captivated by an abundance of plant life.

&.Media Group’s new office includes two atria that are filled with a combination of tropical plants, offering some breathing space to employees and a garden-like setting for collaboration and socializing. The difference in height, width and leaf-shape makes the greenery both stand out perfectly on its own, as well as complementary to each other. The placement of the plant positions contribute to the overall wabi-sabi philosophy of the building, finding its beauty in natural imperfection.

Next to plant life in the two atria, greenery is placed in and around the entire office. The surplus in oxygen therefore adds to a healthy airflow in the city workspace, contributing to an overall decrease in energy usage. All greenery is carefully sourced from growers that operate on a sustainable basis. Besides environmental sustainability, social sustainability is also touched upon by the direct impact on employee well-being.

“The dynamic and agile design of this office enables employees to have autonomy over their professional and personal choices throughout the day. The integration of biophilic elements ensures this dynamism isn’t overpowering and is mindful of different employee needs by establishing a calming aura in the office. This is not only beneficial to employees but also to employers, whose workforce will inevitably perform better when comfortable at work. […] By integrating leisure functions, Studio Sluijzer and 88 Projects transform &Media Group’s new office from a workplace into a community-building space, an aspect that has become increasingly important to consider in a post-Covid landscape.” (Frame Web, 2023).

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