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From the inside, the Postcode Lottery building is an extreme, extravert building; a restoration project of an old insurance building at the South Axis in Amsterdam. The roof of the restored building became an artificial canopy of steel leaves, growing from a big steel trunk in the middle of the building, where an ‘Italian Piazza’ is situated.

We were involved from day one making the plans for this sustainable Breeam certified building. Hrbs/MOSS did the design and implementation of all of the greenery for this architectural building, the flower entrance stairs, the Piazza, the roofs, the interior and the rooftop garden. We made jungle gardens on the top floor in different sizes, creating a lush place to meet and relax.

The in- and outside rooftop gardens are preceived to be connected; only separated by the glass facade, making them look bigger and giving the building a total green layer. The steel leaves throw a nicely patterned shade, offering protection from direct sunlight, giving the plants enough light, but no direct sunburn.

In the Piazza we placed trees in big wooden pots completing the Piazza. With this project we were able to create the impression of a small green village within a building. At roof level, the outside of the building is completely green with climbers for boosting biodiversity.


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