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NRGI is one of Denmark\’s largest energy companies, and they are working for a well-functioning society and a cleaner planet. They wanted to signal this when visiting their headquarter.

When entering the headquarter, you meet a big atrium with a glass elevator. However, this glass elevator they wanted to transform into a 13 meters tall green wall to signal a sustainable profile and improve the indoor climate. The green wall is visible from almost every room in the headquarter and brings lots of joy.

Our green wall system is flexible and can be installed on almost any surface. That was put to the test here with the glass elevator.

The green wall is 13 meters tall, 1,8 meters wide and contains 300 plants.

The project is made by Natural Greenwalls and Jydsk Planteservice, using the Natural Greenwalls-system. The customer is NRGi located in Aarhus, Denmark.

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