Webinar: Green innovator Philip van Traa on how to adapt to crisis

The world is changing at rapid pace. The COVID pandemic seems to be our wake-up call. Things need to change towards more simplicity, circularity and sustainability. What role can we play as interior landscapers?

Green inspirator Philip van Traa, founder of Dutch company Leaf & Hrbs is committed to making buildings green, inside and out. COVID forced him to let employees go and reorganise his company. But also gave him the opportunity to develop new concepts and find new partners, in order to prepare for the new, post-Covid society.

In the webinar ‘How to adapt your company to crisis’ he discussed his journey and his vision for the future of interior landscaping. Questions & discussion were facilitated through a chat function.

The webinar took place 
Nov 3rd , 3 PM (CET).



Watch the webinar here

The webinar with Philip van Traa

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