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Supersam is a modern multifunctional centre combining retail and services with office space. It is situated in the heart of the Silesian conurbation. Its location is no coincidence, as this is where the inhabitants of the city and the region have been shopping for over 70 years. The steel girders have been preserved and restored and are now displayed inside the building as a reference to the market hall that formerly stood on the same site…and exactly in front of the mentioned girders, after the transformation of the building in 2022, large green wall (around 180 sqm, 12m high) with 7200 plants in hydroponic was installed. The irrigation and the light was a big challenge since the green wall is divided by the rows of office windows (inside the building!), but thanks to great cooperation with the owner and the architects the projects was finished with success.
In addition to its aesthetic effect, this decorative element also provides health benefits aimed at making a positive contribution to the well-being of employees in the building, while also moisturising and helping to remove toxins from the air and produce additional oxygen. It is also one of the largest installation of its kind in Silesia.

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