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Uncommon is a co-working network offering design-led, flexible workspaces across London. Plant Designs recently provided greenery for their most ambitious site yet.

We sourced 700 plants for this project, including a 6-metre tall Ficus alli which we handpicked from a Dutch nursery where it had been growing for 25 years. The tree was craned onto the eighth floor by a team of 20 people, where it now stands growing between two floors.

The building contains over 200 freestanding displays as well as planting integrated with joinery. The client wanted the plants to look lush and organic, so we chose primarily broad-leaved plants as well as some finer foliage to add texture.

The plants we chose are bespoke to each area, ensuring a long and healthy life for every display. As Uncommon is a flexible co-working space, we also used versatile potting to enable freestanding displays to be moved when required.

For the areas that cannot be reached for regular aftercare, we created displays from replica or preserved materials, including a moss wall and over 70 square metres of replica ivy garlands. Although not living, these high-quality replicas add to the biophilic aesthetic of the space.

Thanks to Plant Designs, Uncommon is now one of the greenest workspaces in London. Months of hard work, careful planning and innovative design have created a space that is not only beautiful, but highly functional. We have been delighted to hear that since opening, Uncommon have reported an increase in their workplace satisfaction.



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