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Between January 2021 and June 2022 The Plantman and Co were engaged to deliver and install artificial greenery and preserved moss for an International insurance company’s HQ in the City of London. The installation was for 375m2 of artificial green walls, 3 x 2.5m + artificial specimen Olive trees and preserved moss for the auditorium. Spread over 16 floors the installation took in stages 18 months to complete whilst the offices were being refurbished.

Why were artificial plants chosen? Practicality! The client has a 10 year lease remaining on the office building and the employers wanted to create a warm and inviting office to help encourage people back to the office following the Covid 19 Pandemic. We worked closely with the client and drew up a list of the pro\’s and con\’s of using artificial plants as they were concerned with the environmental impact of using artificial plants. We explained that ‘Not all ‘plastic is bad’!’ and explained the following to them; ‘The problem with plastic and non-biodegradable synthetics is it’s use for disposable, low value items such as food packaging, carrier bags, drinks bottles, straws, cutlery, nappies and cotton buds, throw-away or ‘single-use’ items that generate vast amounts of waste. The single use and disposable plastic has cultivated the throw-away culture bringing severe environmental consequences. Plastic is not the problem, it’s how people chose to use it. This bi-product of modern living which is fuelled by convenience and since this one-time use plastics are so affordable and easily accessible, this has led to an influx of plastic waste in the environment
The artificial plants that we provide are made from recycled plastic and are fully recyclable. They are also ROHS compliant, which means they are free of toxic chemicals such as lead, mercury, boric acid, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl and heavy metals
In recent research it was shown that artificial vertical green walls produce much less carbon emissions by comparison emitting only 20% of the overall emissions for a living vertical wall and since fake plants require no maintenance such as watering, fertilising and soil replacement, carbon emission is only emitted during manufacturing of the artificial plants. The artificial plants can also be re-used and relocated to another office if required.

With this information the client was happy to proceed with artificial and preserved plants, planting. You can see from the selection of photographs the end results, providing numerous \’artificial green walls\’, individually decorated \’light fittings\’ in the reception with artificial plants, artificial Olive trees and 2 x preserved moss walls for the clients auditorium.
We had to follow the joinery team, once they had completed their works, we could then install our plants. A team of 6 persons worked over a period of 18 months to install all of the planting. Tree Locate Europe provided the artificial green panels and the Olive trees, Green Mood provided the preserved Moss, Special thanks to the Install team and the client.

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