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Dille and Kamille is a Dutch retailer in interior design products who is known for its sustainable
operation. The brand, over 40 years old, uses a lot of plants in their shops. Therefore it was an extra
challenge to work within their brand identity in terms of esthetics, but also in a truly sustainable execution.

We were involved from the very start when the building was being stripped. This gave us the opportunity to really think from the beginning and adjust as much as possible to the house style of the client. We were spoilt with the fact that we had a huge variety of spaces at our disposal in the monumental building, and we made a tailor made plan whereby we incorporated both the plants as well as the containers in the total design, and in the general use of materials.

We used the diversity of the building to its fullest and had the luxury to start from a bare floorplan. We looked at where we wanted which type of plants and made a proposal for that – only thereafter the interior designers planned the other materials and work spaces.

Every space we worked in is characterised by different types of planting. The rooms are now even named after the plants. There a tremendous variety in types of plants, in methods of growing: stand alone, hanging, climbing, in dense ‘clusters’ and as a full landscape. All according to our motto: Unity in Diversity.

The 5 stories of the monumental building can also be seen as an exploration: what will the next room offer? The feedback we had from our clients is overwhelming. We take care of the plants on a weekly basis and are showered by compliments, every week.

The alignment with the clients house style went as far as looking at types of foliage and shades of green. If you would look at pictures of all our projects this would stand out in regard of the foliage being a tad more light, more yellowish. But also the containers for the hanging plants, which hang from the ceiling with ropes made from natural fibers.

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