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This Green wall was built in an atrium of an office building in the Hafen CIty of Hamburg. The company deals with photovoltaics and wants to provide a greener environment, to their employees. The Atrium is not accessible for people, but the fresh air produced by the plants can go from the center of the building in all open space areas.

The Atrium has a base of 10 by 10 meters. 4 Green Islands on the bottom will split the area. The Greenwall is 5m wide and 19m high.

The water system is fully automatic and has its space in the cellar. The water sensor measures the amount of water in 6 different zones and will help to reduce the water waste to a minimum.

It holds 4500 plants in hydroculture. The System is tested to B1 fire-rated and is made of recycled plastic.

The maintenance will be done every 6 weeks, with a special climbing system. The exchange rate for plants is 5 percent per year.


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