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Together with interior architect Hal2, with whom we often collaborate, we have filled this concept with greenery down to the smallest details. Most important: an extremely satisfied customer! So happy that we can repeat such a project for them for their location in Groningen.

The clear wishes of the client Sweco, the creativity of the interior architect Hal2 and the knowledge of interior landscaping that De Klerk contributed, lead to this result of which we are extremely proud.

The entire project is constructed on a semi-hydro basis. This greatly promoted the range of available interior plants.

In terms of hardware, we opted for certified products from Plantinum and natural products from Atelier Vierkant, manufactured in Belgium.

Not only the variety of types of planting makes this green project unique. Also the diversity of locations and surfaces such as custom cabinets, meeting places, certified and durable plastic planters as well as ceramic pots.

A wonderful and unique project for the maintenance worker, which also requires the necessary knowledge and care due to the high degree of variation in planting. This employee was also involved in the construction and we immediately discussed all points of attention with him in order to benefit from this in the longer term.

Meticulous preparation by our team, in collaboration with our suppliers and customers, has led to this unique concept of biophilic design.

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