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Kungsleden is a property developer offering attractive and sustainable commercial spaces where people are inspired. Their new head office in Stockholm has biophilia as a cornerstone and we were chosen to deliver this.

Kungsleden wanted the plants to inspire the space users, hence we introduced plants in varying clusters and heights, with different textures ranging from heavier broad leaves to more delicate foliage. Over 30 metres of planting space and 96 planters were used to create the biophilic wellness space.

The benefits of biophilia are highlighted from entry through a reception where plants welcome you in different textures, heights and species. Different spaces incorporate features that not only support users’ wellbeing but also provide a function eg. noise cancelling moss panels and large planters with dense plants providing seclusion from the surroundings.

Creative solutions include light fittings and tables featuring integrated plants. Pocket parks are scattered across the premises to invite people for spontaneous meetings and collaborative working in park-like environments.

The highlight of the biophilic design is “The Oasis”, a lounge named by its calming home-like ambience, where seating areas made of varying natural materials are positioned around a fireplace and surrounded by greenery complemented with spots of softer materials such as pampas grass.

In the outdoor space, lunches are accompanied by flowers and seasonal plants, inviting you to enjoy a natural environment in gentle sea breeze.

(Biophilic design is based on Kungsleden\’s own people-centered concept, Symbiotic Concept and Neurodesign to contribute to improved health, increased creativity and productivity.)

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