hydrozorg, netherlands

Category: Plant Wall

MOSS designed a vertical green system making use of their LEAF planting tray. Hydrozorg and MOSS built a big wall of 50m2 making use of this solution. Making use of the tray filled with al kinds of different green plants placed in a steel basin made it possible to rearrange the vertical garden to ensure easy maintenance.

First of all, we placed steel plates at the wall, on which the basins are screwed on. The basins have different lengths and are placed at different heights to make it more lively.

After the steel wall plates, we placed the basins and water system. This water system is based on one copper pipe going up filling the top basin. All basins have a messing ring and copper piping acting as an overflow. Once overflowing, they fill the next basin below, making the water flowing down, filling all basins and finally overflowing to the sewage if needed. A small computer makes this possible, watering every two weeks.

This vertical green system still shows the wall, has a vertical and horizontal effect and by using the LEAF tray it makes it easy to change the wall when needed or wanted.

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