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Lab Digital is a leading tech company that found itself facing the challenges of a competitive job market and fierce talent competition. In order to both attract new talents and retain existing employees, Blooming Buildings was enlisted to create a revolutionary office concept that embraces the power of natural greenery. The goal was to realize the proven benefits of indoor plantings, including increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, improved acoustics, optimal humidity,
enhanced air quality, and visual appeal.

The central theme chosen for the office is ‘the jungle’. The idea was to create a lush green landscape from every workstation within the office, where the variety of plant species evokes a sense of a living jungle. This jungle-style is not confined to the physical office space; it has extended to their digital presence, where we have integrated leaf veins as a recognizable motif.

Blooming Buildings played an integral role in this project from its very inception. This collaboration granted us the freedom to craft a unique design tailored to Lab Digital’s objectives. Within the design, we integrated a range of elements, from striking features that create a WOW-effect upon entry to subtle details that optimize the functionality of the space. For instance, the entrance has
been transformed into a lush jungle garden with a comfortable seating area that serves as a workspace or waiting area for visitors. Additionally, we’ve created a green wall that spans nearly the entire length of the office, serving both as a partition and a decorative element. These elements have been carefully integrated to fulfill multiple functions and create a seamless connection between
nature and the workspace.

Our choice of plants reflects our motto of ‘unity in diversity’. We’ve incorporated a variety of plant species to enhance the authentic jungle feel, while also introducing unique standalone plants that contribute to the space’s uniqueness. For example, we have a banana plant that actually produces bananas and a spectacular 40-year-old mother fern.

The feedback from our client regarding this transformation has been overwhelmingly positive. Our goal to attract more employees and retain
existing staff has been more than achieved. 
A notable compliment was when an employee chose to work at the office on Christmas Eve simply because they found the space so pleasant.

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