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Lass di lei nit pflanzen! Is Tyrolean dialect and means you shouldn’t let yourself be fooled. The Lifesteil is a special hotel because the core idea was to bring the “Alpine Jungle” to Tyrol. This jewel is located in Umhausen at about 1000 meters above sea level, where it is minus 20 °C in winter, and combines an alpine mountain resort with a city stay. A huge atrium with a 60m2 vertical-grow, water wall and around 140 long hanging plants is an absolute wow factor. In addition, the plants act as an acoustic absorber and improve drastically the air quality. The artificial lighting is very reduced because roof windows were planned to reduce power-consumption. Automated irrigation guarantees manageable personnel expenses and reduces water consumption. The stylish bar-botanic combines great plants in high-end pots and the finest green interior in artificial planting. In the spa, guests can enjoy a jungle shower or relax in infrared-bowls surrounded by Caryotas and Strelitzias. The Lifesteil combines (almost) everything that we as interior-gardener unite under our roof.

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