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A very simple concept, a basic gesture, worthy of a riverside farmer or a radical architect. A small workplace reforestation venture, implemented with gentle determination.
Let’s put lots of plants around our computers!
An affectionate, ironic act, with intentions that are not just poetic, but also economic and perhaps even political. Our office tables are like islands, shores, banks, waterfronts and jetties on the river, amidst the flow of work streaming between the windows and the computer screens. We can tend the river banks, adding plants, and the current will flow gently by.
And the air that we breathe in the office will change. More lightness, more air, more nature, more home.
The concept is by Hydro-ware. The spaces involved in the operation are the offices where Vontree furniture units are designed.
The plants that have been chosen are small hydroponic Dracaenas Compacta, PianTina®, specialists in regenerating workspace air, tutored and encouraged by the presence of the large mother plant.
Memory, the call of water, of life, collective intelligence…
They look like ducklings walking in single file behind mother duck after a day’s work.
Finding the way home is the real task, the real message.

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