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Pan Pacific, a newly opened 5-star hotel, invited Leaflike to assist with their Sustainability Solutions featuring Singaporean Rainforest and British Woodland Plants, making a homely environment:
– Extra Green and Healthy Hydroculture System
– Increased Cardon Dioxide Removal
– Unique Recycled Planters
– Orchid Rejuvenation Program
– Leaflike Herb System, for Decoration & Cooking
– Recycled Glassware
– Preserved Moss Feature Displays

Leaflike were introduced to Yabu Pushelburg receiving final interior landscape designs.

“While the guestrooms reference the calm of English and Asian gardens, the public areas will draw from the wild energy of the forest, to inspire a striking yet timeless atmosphere.”

The design includes all areas of the hotel; bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, dining and private dining rooms, bar, reception lobby, galleries, lift lobbies, meeting rooms, rest rooms, gym and terrace areas, supplying:
– 300 sustainability sourced preserved plants
– 300 recycled planters
– 450 live planting displays

Some highlights include:
– Floor standing planting display with bun moss to reflect Singaporean Rainforest interweaved with British Woodland theme
– Bespoke Hand-crafted planters made from recycled materials
– Use of sustainable preserved planting where live planting wasn’t a possibility
– Plants: Strelizia nicolai tuft, Aglaonema Stripes and Philodendron selloum, to name a few. 

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