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The tree room in Lindley Lindenberg Hotel in Frankfurt am Main was created in collaboration with Aberja Architects. The idea was to create a “tree” that consists on different levels with plants and viewed as a unit that represents a tree. There is a total of five planted buckets, which are fixed and stabilized by square steel tubes on the floor and threaded rods on the ceiling. Irrigation and drainage hoses run separatedly through the square tubes. At the foot of the tree there is a wooden cube in which the automatic irrigation pump with integrated fertilizer unit is located.

The greening is connected to the domestic water network. EFIX-i rock wool panels from Wallflore are in every tub. These are planted with various plants in jungle style. The main focus is on the Monstera deliciosa. It is based on the top floor with the large leaves it forms the desired treetop. Various climbing plants such as Philodendron ‘monkey mask’, Philodendron ‘grand brasil’, Chlorophytum comosum ‘lemon’, Scindapsus pictus and Ficus pumila form long branches that are allowed to grow to the ground together with the air-roots of the Monstera. Other plants such as Aglaonema and Begonia varieties as well as Codiaeum ‘petra’ complement and fill the “tree” and gives small splashes of color. In addition to the large window front, nine plant lights ensure a sufficient supply of available plantlight.
The sight of the hotel front is special in the evening. The front is made entirely of glass so that the individual rooms are visible. The tree room fits in elegantly into the whole concept with its own individuality and creativity. Plant care and system check takes place once a month.

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