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The initial brief from our client required hundreds of plant displays, in which it was specified that around 80% should be replica and 20% living plants. Upon award of the contract, we asked the client the burning question; why go replica when you could go live? After much discussion and time spent educating the client on the power of live plants, they ended up revising the specification and the site now boasts around 90% live planting and 10% replica.

Following a mammoth installation, the Societe Generale office is now home to approximately 10,000 living plants spread across 8 floors, including 4 beautiful Ficus Trees that adorn the reception area, handpicked by the client from specialist growers in Holland. Other displays include specialist joinery planters filled with numerous plant species, integrated within furniture and fabric of the building, free standing displays of many sizes, impressive wall mounted displays, a beautiful living wall and 180 square metres of replica living wall.

The original concept was created by Lewis Huff of TP Bennett. After meeting with Lewis and discussing his vision, we had a vision of our own; to transform a predominantly replica-focused design into one of the most densely planted interior workplaces in London. Lewis was quick to adopt our vision, as was the client. Following this, we spent some time visiting growers in Holland with the client, choosing trees for reception and getting inspiration for other areas. After a year of design meetings and planning, the project finally came to fruition in October/November 2019.

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