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Testo is headquartered in one of Germany’s most famous natural areas “The Black Forest”.  The old trees stretch over 160 kilometers in length and 50 kilometers in width and surround  the modern and beautiful building of Testo. However, nature now extends even further: all the  way inside the building. 

Nature is a living thing. In the forest there is wind, the trees move, the light falls differently.  Nature is organic and fantastic. So, we wanted to make some living and organic solutions  inside Testo. 

This project includes two hanging plant columns, two fixed plant columns, and most  stunningly: a plant spiral of 55 meter which grows from the bottom of the building and all the  way up through the atrium. 

The optics change depending on where you are. The plant spiral and plant columns extend  over several floors, looking different on each floor and around each corner. This was the idea  with the green interior that now grows in the large atrium of Testo. 

Greenery is important for many reasons. It’s good for the indoor climate, acoustics, mental  health and signals a sustainable profile. But this project is not just the typical green interior,  and that’s why we think it deserve to win EILO Best Projects Award 2021. 

By the way, visitors from Asia see a green dragon winding its way through the building in the  plant spiral. In China, the symbolism of the dragon stands for luck and wealth. 

The project was made for Testo by Blumen Sumser using the Natural Greenwalls-system. The  architects are Aplantis AGT.

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