Les Jardins de Gally, France

Category: Artificial

In the headquarters of Credit Agricole, one of the French leader banking groups, in Montrouge, south suburb of Paris, a simple and poetic fresco mixes art and green. The artist Licea, both painter and poet, designed a dreamlike face. A women looking at the future, her – green – hair blowing in the wind. This, made up with artificial moss and leaves like Peperonia, Tillandsia, Hedera and ferns, was installed (and brushed and smoothed?!) by the interior gardeners team of Gally. The fresco, 5,50 x 2,70 m, installed on bricks, kind of painting x green wall, is also clearly a tribute to street art. Licea, born in there, was inspired both by her childhood and the streets of the district and her Parisian art studies and poetical influences. This benevolent and dynamic face looks after and inspires the working teams located here: the face of happiness!

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