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In collaboration between Makers of Sustainable Spaces (MOSS) and Koninklijke Ginkel Groep (KGG), the Booking.com Campus evolved into the greenest office in Europe. Nature seamlessly integrates with the architecture of UNStudio and Hofman Dujardin. MOSS was the creative force behind the green master plan, while KGG executed the vision. We build the project in 2022. In the spring of 2023, this visionary project unveiled a biophilic haven for Booking.com’s employees.

Our approach focuses on saturating lower levels with greenery, optimizing its exposure for maximum benefit. A captivating \’nature walk\’ guides employees through its green tapestry, fostering a deeper connection with nature.

Upon entering the building, a botanical staircase welcomes all to embark on this green journey, leading to the atrium. Here, plant life enhances flow, ignites creativity, and nurtures social bonds. On the 3rd-floor balcony, employees find a retreat amid towering trees and flora, ideal for work and rejuvenation.

The atrium\’s marvel is the seven-story green wall, showcasing nature\’s vibrant hues and textures. Our vision transcends aesthetics, elevating concentration and creativity while immersing the senses. Greenery thrives throughout workspaces, supported by research proving its well-being and productivity benefits.

Breakout spaces transport employees to global destinations, with cactus gardens reminiscent of Isla Incahuas and Moroccan Riads creating cool courtyards. The restaurant prioritizes fresh flavors and employs vertical farming.

Our mission at the Booking.com Campus is resolute: craft a vibrant, healthy, and inspiring workspace. Our pioneering green design revolutionizes the modern office, nurturing comfort, well-being, and collaboration. It showcases the transformative power of green design, transforming a workspace into an environment where employees truly flourish.

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