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In the project at hand, greenery was to be added to the newly created cafeteria of a modern hospital. The greenery was, among other things, to integrate the steel structure and distract from the wall surfaces. In addition, the restrictive hygiene regulations had to be met and easy cleaning and maintenance of the walkways ensured.

Since a green wall was not an option to improve the acoustics and air quality of the room due to hygienic reasons, an alternative was needed.
With the Trinity hanging planters developed by Luwasa®, the perfect solution was found.
The inox rope constructions connect the individual planters to seamlessly transition with the steel girders, allowing the latter to be optimally integrated. The hanging planters, which are arranged in groups and harmoniously reflect the lines, shapes and colors of the room, have a contemporary feel and structures the cafeteria while still allowing the space to appear open and airy.
Positive effects on the acoustics and indoor air quality could also be achieved by incorporating the hanging elements. To keep the maintenance as easy as possible, a hydroculture growing method was employed, which optimally fulfils the hygienic and maintenance-related requirements of the customer.
The planned development of the added plant elements and the associated improved ambience of the room has been confirmed by numerous positive responses and is also reflected in the increased use of the cafeteria.



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