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The commercial center “Les 4 Temps », by Unibail Rodamco Westfield, located in La Défense, is one of the biggest in France. This is well known of green addicts and especially of EILO members, due to its outdoor living wall, designed by Patrick Blanc. Les Jardins de Gally, who maintain the green areas inside and outside, were part of a big project which aimed, not less than at a “rebirth” of the center, due to the recent acquisition of Westfield, whose centers provide a higher standard of green and of leisure than French “4 étoiles” centers of Unibail.

The designers and interior architects Saguez & Partners gave some general directions and Gally designed and built a specific pot plants arrangements. All the pots are specifically designed and made in France. This answers two main issues: security and responsibility. The client provided very strict guidelines about stability and hardness of pots, one the one hand to protect against any attack (nothing must be able to be hidden inside pots) and about the big height he wanted for some plants. The structure of the pots is made by a French company called Atech (who also made the pots for the hanging interior forest in the Gare d’Angers, another project of Gally). Wood provides from French forests with sustainable management and was transformed by a French artisan.

All the plants are natural, grown up in Holland (Nieuwkoop) and also in Gally’s own greenhouses, so as to stock them during the pandemic, which slowed the project, several times delayed (this had to be installed on October 2020 but finally ended in February 2021). The trees are from Collection Sylver®, made up with naturally dried trunks and branches and artificial leaves. These are totally hand made by Gally in our Versailles’ workshop, with co-products (unused cut branches and trunks) from sustainably managed forests. This unique process combines design and responsibility. Trunks are irregular, reinforcing the impression of naturality.

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