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It is widely recognized that plants have a positive influence on the wellbeing of people and on the quality of the indoor climate. With that in mind AW Groep was looking for a solution to embed plants in the office. Besides functional they wanted the planting to be aesthetically beautiful.

Because there was limited space for placing the plants, we came up with a solution that doesn’t take up any floor space. We installed our so called Wonderbranch, a floating branch that is mounted to the ceiling. The branch is filled with a variety of decorative hanging plants and functions as a natural divider for the workplaces. Moreover it functions as a tool to improve the acoustics in the room.

For the selection of plants low to medium water usage and excellent adaptability to light conditions are important features. This in combination with the planter that acts as a large reservoir in which water and nutrients makes Wonderbranch truly low maintenance!

With the Wonderbranch we’ve created a unique green showpiece that helps AW Groep benefit from all the advantages that plants bring to the office.

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