EILO's Best Interior Landscaping Projects of 2019

The jury is working now…

Every two years EILO organises the EILO Best Projects Award.  For 2019. This year the theme is: innovation in functional green.
We are very happy to announce that we received a great number of projects containing fantastic greenery which will give our international jury a lot to chew on. Choosing a clear winner will not be easy, as every project seems to spat of the screen!


The Battle for the public Prize

From September 16 till September 30 Midnight all nominated projects will be visible on this page and then all nominees can start to work with their own network to try to win the Public Award. This works very simple: share your nomineepage all over your social network, write newsletters about it, ask your friends and family to like or share it via Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram. Every like linked with this nomineepage will count automatically. Instagram works different, so we will also add a #yourproject hashtag, and we will also look for the amount that that tag is being used.

Please be sportive and do not start promoted messages on any channel.
We will hunt for proof if we see projects that suddenly get a lot of likes in a short time.


The Jury and the Award Ceremony

We are proud that this very knowledgable and international jury found the time to judge all submissions. These are the jury members:

  • Marc Mennessier (FR), chef and main journalist of the Garden/green section of the Figaro
  • Dennis Hauer (NL), Renowned Dutch Architect, very experienced with glasshouse concepts
  • Paul Geerts (BE), chief editor of professional green magazine CG CONCEPT

On the first afternoon session of our annual EILO excursion, this year in Paris, on October 3, the jury will announce the winners of the Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards and who won the Public Prize.

So please bookmark this page and return to it on monday September 16.


The Award Ceremony will be part of our EILO excursion to Paris from October 2 till 4 2019.

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